Climate Change

Climate change in the Philippines is really a big issue especially nowadays where its effects are very evident. Rainy season comes early, almost in an unexpected situation. Landslides are being reported from provinces. Flash floods are also a major problem. El Niño and La Niña is almost a normal thing now in the Philippines. Humans are not the only one who experiences this but the animals as well.

The issue is about the aftereffects of climate change to animal extinction. According to Mr. Anson Ang, here in the Philippines climate change is not a yet a big factor why animals are becoming instinct. Overharvesting, chemical pollution, biological pollution and habitat destruction are the four main factors why there’s animal exploitation her in our country. Because of these, we are one of those countries worldwide who are experiencing the fast-growing decline of animal and plants species that put as on the list of what so called habitat biodiversity hot spot.

Overharvesting, or overfishing in the case of fish and marine invertebrates, depletes some species to very low numbers and drives others to extinction. In practical terms, it reduces valuable living resources to such low levels that their exploitation is no longer sustainable. Fresh water crocodile is one of those Philippine animals which are becoming extinct through this.

Biological Pollution is the disturbance of the ecological balance by the accidental or deliberate introduction of a foreign organism, animal or plant species into an environment. Importing other species could lead into this occurrence. As this new organism live with our own plants and animals, since they have to survive they will have to struggle for their food. When this happens, the tendency is some Philippine animals and plants will die. On the other hand, combination of species will also arise that could lead to depletion of those genuine Philippine animals and plants.

Chemical pollution occurs when chemicals resulting from human activities enter the environment, contaminating air, water or soil. This will destroy land, air and water areas. When these take place, it will lead to animals’ habitat destruction and animals are the most affected beings.

Among the four major factors, chemical pollution is also a factor of climate change. Climate change is also caused by human activities. Acid rain, greenhouse gases and ozone are all examples of chemical pollution. Chain reactions will occur because of this. First, habitat destruction, when their habitat is destroyed animals will look for other places where to stay however, the case is what if they could not adapt to the new environment, they will die. Next, there will be a competition of territory especially when foreign species become part of the ecosystem, this can lead to decreasing number of our authentic species. Last, the worst that could happen, if we, humans are affected with this pollution and it affects our health a lot what more the animals can be. These chemicals will exterminate animals.

The effects of these factors are temperature modifications, habitat devastation, and destruction of food chain. When animals have a low range tolerance when it comes to adaptation of changes in its surroundings it could lead them to death. Habitat is important for them because this is not only their home but the place where they will reproduce and when it is destroyed how come they will increase. The last is food chain destruction. Food chain is very important because this is the sequence of an animal survival. When this is disturb by the said factors above,  depletion of animals will start to transpire.

Maybe now, climate change is not yet an aspect of this immense animal annihilation, with the persistence of human actions and other natural factors, but if these activities will continue it will lead to climate change.


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